About us - The story of Tambeerah

Read on to discover the story of this magical world, including the important notes on Tambeerah’s books and accompanying audios in the You, The Bee and Me series - and how to use them.

Tamara Mills

This is Tamara, the author and storyteller of Tambeerah. She creates magical adventures for us to embark upon in our imaginations. She is also a qualified teacher of mindfulness and meditation for children.

Dear Elders*,

Welcome to Tambeerah. Our 'You, The Bee and Me' stories are a little different. In a nutshell, this is because they are mindful adventure stories that also introduce some basic elements of meditation for children aged 4+ years. Watch over your children as you embark on great adventures together using the books and accompanying audio recordings (accessed by an Elder typing in the magical link within the accompanying book) to guide your imaginations and awaken the magic of Tambeerah. Let me explain a little more..

The books in the series can be enjoyed in any order – just choose the one that feels right for you and your children at this moment in time. Each of them is based here in the world of Tambeerah – a fantastical, magical world filled with enchanting characters and places. A world where peace, kindness, love, joy and harmony flourish; an imaginative place where the heart-centred settlers tell positive stories, practise meditation and are naturally mindful. These things are as normal for them as cleaning their teeth, and are things they believe help with their all-round well-being. They also love great adventures and are wondering if you are ready to join your children on yours, while you learn a little about some of these skills they find so helpful along the way?

It’s very simple, our mindful, heart-centred adventure stories are written with the aim of helping to introduce mindfulness and elements of basic meditation while simultaneously helping children (and Elders!) use their imagination. They are written and designed with the intention of helping you become present and connected to positive emotions (intending in particular the positive emotion of each title) as you embark on unique adventures together in your imaginations through this magical world.

All that’s needed are full water bottles in case your children (or you!) get thirsty on the great Adventure, and a safe place to curl up together – where your children and you are either lying or sitting down (with your feet on the ground if you’re snuggled in a chair because it’s important to stay connected to the earth while adventuring in your imagination you see). Then the Adventure can begin...

Read the books together as you would a normal adventure story and just let the words guide your imaginations as you read the book and explore the illustrations or listen to the audio recording; and enjoy your own unique experiences of them. Afterwards, be sure to have colours to hand because, if they wish, your children can draw, colour or write about the Adventure on the blank pages provided at the back of the book and share their experiences/feelings with you as they do this. Elders, remember to have extra paper at the ready so that you can do this too – because it can be a great way to share the experience with your children.

It is worth remembering that every child and Elder is unique and special and so too will be the way in which you experience these books and audios, as well as the experience potentially being quite different for children and Elders. Try not to have expectations of what this experience should be like or feel like (for you or your children) when enjoying them – because whatever unfolds is what is needed in that moment; and each Child/Elder will experience it in the perfect way for them each time. One time it may be more about exploring imagination; the next about connecting to a particular positive emotion; the next about connecting to a character or the joy of taking deep, calming breaths; the next about the connection between you and your children. That’s the beauty – the experience can naturally tap into whatever is needed in that moment. And it will most likely be different every time! And remember: it takes practice to learn new things and fully feel the benefits. Though one thing that will remain the same is that each time the magic within us all has the potential to be awoken.

I feel that now is a good time to say that it is important that the Elder ensures that the children participating understand that these adventures are imaginary and are not to be confused with or re-created in the real-world. That’s why our imaginations are so fantastic; they are a safe place to embark upon great adventures and explore the feelings that come along with them.

Let me explain where this all began...

I grew up running fairly wild in the forest – with a passion for adventure and storytelling from a very young age. I’ve always had a love of being in nature, and this was a big part of what led me to become passionate about general well-being. Following the birth of my son, this passion led to me qualifying as a teacher of mindfulness and meditation for children. Becoming a parent has taught me how important it is to empower our children by teaching them (and ourselves) tools that can potentially be a part of facilitating them (and us) through the challenges they may face. And my personal experience has been that a beautiful way to do this is where Elders and children create a moment to learn these skills together. Because not only does it create moments of shared time but also because – in this case with the books and audios – Elders are an important part of helping the children learn and understand the concepts.

It wasn’t until I was teaching mindfulness and meditation to children that the idea of Tambeerah was born, however, and it happened in the most magical of ways... On a number of occasions I found myself teaching extremely high energy children.(Something I now realise was no coincidence!) And this led me to explore and teach a lot more moving meditations – which soon developed into telling mindful and magical stories through movement. Both the children and Elders really enjoyed them (yes, Elders joined in sometimes too!) and it was only when they asked me how they could continue with it after class that I wondered if I might be able to translate that part of my teaching into books and audio recordings; thereby creating SEATED guided visualisations in the form of adventure stories which Elders and children can enjoy together and which can easily be enjoyed at home, while also retaining the unscripted, intuitive and open feeling of the classes.

As soon as I put this question out there, the most amazing synchronicities ensued, which brought together a truly wonderful team, to help make this happen. You can meet the team below. I can only hope that we’ve achieved this and that you all enjoy what has now become Tambeerah. A place where children and their Elders can go on great adventures together in their imaginations and experience the awakening of the magic within themselves through mindful storytelling, imagination, basic meditation and adventure. A magic we have within us always, even though we may sometimes forget, and which has the power to connect us to positive emotion, expand imagination and which I believe can help bring peace and happiness to all. With love, Tamara X

*Elders: All you amazing parents, guardians, carers, teachers and other adult supervisors.

Sarah Downes

This is Sarah, the artist of Tambeerah, bringing it all to life with the magic of her imagination and brushes.


And this is Phil, the composer of Tambeerah, dances are danced to his melodies and music.